One on One Coaching

Getting back to work in a job you love, is a step by step process. It’s not rocket science or magic, thought it can feel magical when you find yourself creating the future you want. In fact there are just three key things to give your attention to…

1 Build Your Toolkit

Make sure you have the best possible toolkit to support you. A good CV shows off your competencies, your passion and your talents. A Cover Letter that works and a LinkedIn Profile that gets you noticed are important too.

But it takes time and some effort to get it right. After all you have to work out what you are good at, what you are capable of and what is unique about you. However going through that process gives you the confidence you need to go out and start taking action.

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2 Update Your Interview Skills

Practice makes perfect! Practice builds confidence. Practising your interview skills, improving your networking skills, learning how to ask for information or ask for an introduction all get easier the more you do it.

But if you need some help in developing these skills I am here to help.

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3 Be Brave

Every time you take a step into the unknown you are taking a risk. It takes courage to step out and try something new. But you don’t have to go it alone! Making sure you surround you with the people and the support that you need to make it happen hugely increases your chances of not giving up or settling for less that you are capable of. And when you get going you will find that in fact the whole process can be exciting and empowering

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Getting Started

Putting yourself out there to look for a new job can be daunting and you may not know how to even begin the process. However from my own experience changing careers and from working with others, I have found that there is no one toolkit that fits all.

Everyone has their own history, their own passion, their own set of skills and experience and their own story. Getting that story right and creating the practical steps that work for you is what will bring you to career success.

Personalised Packages

I create individual packages that are tailored to your specific needs. For example we can work together to develop your CV or prepare for an interview or you can choose a full coaching program – whatever you need.

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