How I went from a 'job for life' to helping people pivot their career

Since 2008, I have helped hundreds of people move forward in their career. I love this work as I witness profound changes in people as they discover their inner spark and find direction and clarity. So how did I come to do this work?

I’ve had three careers so far and counting. I’ve been working for myself for 15 years now. There have been ups and down and unexpected twists and turns. 

I’ve taken wrong turns that brought me places I would never have expected. I’ve jumped in the deep end and stayed too long in jobs.  

But here is what I have learned through it all…It always turns out ok in the end.

But, let's start at the beginning

To start with, there was the Primary Teacher (I loved teaching!). But I knew I had other things in me. So from there, there was the Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst.

Moving from Junior School Teaching to Software Development is about as big a career leap as you can possibly make and not one that I saw coming. I hardly even knew how to turn on a computer to start with.  But I learned to my surprise that ‘Girls Can Code’!. And what a trip! I learned about tech. I learned about business. I learned about customers. I learned about systems. 

I learned how easy it is to hold ourselves back by our beliefs and assumptions about what we’re capable of.

But there was an entrepreneurial flame burning inside

Eventually it was time to move. I wanted to work with people so I started coaching and training. Now I loved coaching and working for myself, but it also happened to coincide with those years of the recession. So, it was hard, it was really hard. I found myself with a career I was passionate about, but it wasn’t sustaining me financially. So once again I found myself needing to change. 

What to do when you don’t know what to do!

I was 50 years old and I was stuck! I didn’t know what I wanted and I didn’t know how to get it. But I was so focused on looking for the next step that I forgot to live in the moment. It took a while, but at last I let go and followed by heart. I realised I had to move first and let the answers come later. So I put a rucksack on my back and went travelling through South-East Asia and Australia. A journey that was supposed to last 3 months lasted 7 wonderful years.

I was so busy trying to find the next step that I forgot that when you relax, life gives you what you want.

I could never have made it happen!

I ended up teaching in a primary school in Vietnam, and I becoming a Breathwork Facilitator in Bali. I really do understand it when people say something was beyond their wildest dreams. I could never have planned it. I could never even have imagined it.

Looking back, I think I can divide my life into life before 50 and life after 50. It was in the decision to trust life and to follow it, that I learned so much about what I am capable of.  

The next step!

I’ve been changing careers all my life, and here I am in my 60s changing career again. I know that age is no barrier to a fresh start. I have a confidence now that I didn’t have when I was younger, and I know myself much better now. But most importantly what I want now is different to what I wanted in my 20s or 30s.

And what I want is to lead other people who are facing mid-life change, into heart-opening, financially sustaining, joyful and purpose-driven life and work. I want to give back some of what I have received.

Passion is not something that we find, it is a way of living that we develop.

I Teach What I Know

I am a systems girl at heart. I have taken what I have learned and have turned it into a step by step roadmap for career change. I provide the structure that lets you find your own way.

I know this work is much deeper than simply finding a new job. I believe that the life and work you desire is your birthright. My place on your journey is to teach you the steps to connect with your innermost purpose and to bring it into being, authentically and with ease.



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