Hi, I'm Ann,

I teach people who are mid-career and wish to step up, change direction or start again, a step by step roadmap to build confidence, get clarity and create the tools to design a life and career they love.

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Transform Your Career Journey with these 4 Essential Habits
Learn to see beyond simply looking for a new job and instead to learn how to connect with your inner wisdom and then use that wisdom to guide you and inspire you towards getting the job and the career that you want.

For anyone wishing to build resilience, confidence and inspiration as they make a transforming career move. 

“The only change worth pursuing -whether it is in work or in life – is change that raises us up. If we want passion we have to focus our attention on what lifts us higher. We learn to live from the inside out.”

-Ann Moloney

Ann is very familiar with the challenges that come with moving into a new job or changing career direction as she herself has successfully changed careers several times already.

Ann finds that her work on career planning and career change has been particularly enjoyable as she witnesses enormous changes in thinking, confidence and motivation in people during the course of a program.


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